Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory





Dr. John H Reynolds - Salk Institute CA - Optogenectics Club at Robarts Invited Lecturer 
Dr. Reynolds presents a lecture titled "Using optogenetics to Probe Mechanisms of Perception and Attention". September 29, 2015 @ 11:15am - Fisher Confernece Room at Robarts Research Institute.

Dr. Jon Levine - University of Wiscosin - Madison
Dr. Levine presents a lecture titled "The Neuroendocrine Control of Puberty: From Mice to Monkeys". September 25, 2015 @11:00am - Conference Room at Robarts Research Institute.

Dr. Judy Van De Water - UC Davis Center for Children's Environmental Health 
Dr. Van De Water presents a lecture titled "Maternal autoantibodies in ASD: thinking outside the brain". June 15, 2015 @4:00pm - Fisher Conference Room at Robarts Reserach Institute.